Discover the Coreto platform

A reputation-based social platform that bridges the trust gap between blockchain investors, influencers, and project teams.


Staking of Opinion Pools (SOOPs)

An innovative tool to encourage accountability and record opinions, using our Trust & Performance algorithms with the immutability of blockchain.

Machine Learning & AI Algorithms

With the help of Machine Learning and AI, users will benefit from insights, analytics, statistics, and market trends while making trading decisions.


We believe that the gamification component stimulates the competitive spirit and makes the learning process easier and more enjoyable. Coreto platform encourages engagement in a structured and easy-to-navigate formula based on a justifiable gamification system.

Direct access to experts

Coreto empowers an approachable path to get in public or private touch with experts covering all the crypto fields. Premium content subscriptions are available.

Everything you need

All in One Alternative - Coreto - knowledge aggregator from the crypto communities Investors, traders, influencers, projects, tools & none of the noise

Development Status*


Alpha Launch

The discovery stage that revealed Coreto’s potential of emerging a new generation of content creators.


Alpha Testing

The experimental stage that concentrates on internal fine-tuning and testing. Current Status: Bug Fixing & Improvements.

Current Status: Bug fixing


Open Beta Testing

The external testing phase allows users to access and experience the Coreto’s benefits.


Stable Launch

The “grand opening” stage that is ready to onboard thousands of users, focusing on UX and scalability.

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