"You can’t go back and change the beginnings, but you can start where you are and change the ending."


Iustina, CEO & Cofounder:

We stand for progression

We pledge for facts that can be verified, for opinions that can be reasoned, and for knowledge that can be shared.

Healthy blockchain space


Coreto was thought of as a much-needed crypto social platform to support society in the new Crypto Era settlement.

Welcome to the new digital revolution. The Crypto Era that embraces blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as a diversifier in the traditional financial system.

We perceived the biggest threats to this whole dynamic: scammers, shillers, and the lack of financial literacy. Coreto is built to avoid these threats and build a healthy blockchain space.

Meet the core team

CEO/ Co-founder

Iustina Faraon

The ethics evangelist who advocates for mutual respect and trust.

CBO/ Co-founder

Vlad Faraon

The time manager that aims for a sped-up learning process.


Andrei Balaianu

The brain who assumes responsibility for the platform development.


Vali Tronaru

The artist who designs Coreto UX/UI interface and stands for design systems.


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