11 Jul, 2019

Why We Will Not Pay for Reviews

by Iustina Faraon

In early 2018, we started to work on building a trustworthy platform for the blockchain space, because we identified a burning need for transparency and trust between
members of this niched community.

In 2017, as retail investors, we followed different influencers that were talking about projects that they considered to be good investment opportunities. Like most of the
people at that time, we were inexperienced at finding the right information, and despite all of due diligence, we didn’t realize (until it was a bit too late) that most
influencers / reviewers were paid to promote those projects. Needless to say, it’s hard to differentiate the good projects from the bad ones when everything comes
down to how big your marketing budget is.

Since we publicly started to promote the concept of Coreto, almost every other day, we receive offers from influencers and promoters who want to talk about Coreto
to their communities, but only if we’re willing to pay. They clearly have no idea what Coreto is all about! Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in this space who are
here just to make money.

As we see it, how much money you earn is far less important than how you earn it.

Our company culture is rooted in strong business ethics, and have no intention of paying someone to speak about us in good terms. If you are a blockchain influencer,
and you believe in what we are planning to build, and you resonate with our mission, then you should go ahead and let your community know about Coreto.

What this space needs more than anything is ethics and education.

Have you heard about the “scandal” from last year regarding the “experts” of a certain top ICO reviewing platform? TL;DR: there were some experts who graded
projects solely on the basis of how much those projects paid them. That is neither ethical nor helpful to people who need real information (reviews) about how to invest
their money.

In order to encourage mass adoption of

  • blockchain and
  • crypto,

we need to filter out the bad apples from the space,

  • educate the retail investors, and
  • build trust in the reviewers who deserve community recognition.

There is a lot to improve in this space. We are excited that together we can shape a better future for each and every one of us.

#NoStressCrypto is a campaign through which we want to promote the idea that crypto investments shouldn’t be stressful. Yes, it does involve risk taking and yes, you
must learn how to deal with your emotions. But having the right people to guide you and teach you should lower the stress bar considerably. We want to change the
dynamic between influencers, investors, and project teams.

Dear Influencers:

We appreciate your hard work and skills. Let us help you build a trustworthy and transparent space for your followers. Earn your recognition based on your skills,
results, and the accuracy of your insights.

Dear Project Teams:

We want to give you a place where you can give feedback on your experiences with the advisors you’ve dealt with, which will help other blockchain startup owners
stay away from the ones who brought little to no value to your project.

Also, our community is also your community. You will be able to “claim your page” and keep the community engaged with every stage of your project. In a way that it’s
much easier for the less technical people to understand your project.

Dear Investors:

Investing in cryptocurrencies has amazing potential. This space will only continue to grow. We know how hard it can be to make decisions and give your trust when it
comes to your own money.

So if you want to make this space less risky, and you believe in the potential of the crypto space, then you should join us. Help us build a united community where
people respect, help, and trust each other.