Here is the problem

Research plays an important part when choosing what projects to invest in

The same importance should be given when you decide whose opinion to trust and follow. There is a cohort of project reviewers, traders and youtubers out there. Some with hundreds of followers, others with hundreds of thousands. But the number of followers:

  • Doesn’t necessarily reflect the quality of their content.
  • Doesn’t reflect the accuracy of their predictions.
We built the solution

The quest to identify the right opportunities or influencers is not an easy one

No matter how skilled we are, there is always room for improvement. Our reputation-based, tokenized platform will disrupt the way projects and influencers are perceived, by:

  • Aggregating their knowledge based on clear Trust & Performance indexes.
  • Organizing data and information in an easy-to-understand UI.

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On Coreto, the most valuable asset a user can have is TRUST. Trust amongst the Coreto community is achieved through the quality of the created content, voted as such by the members, and the positive interactions of a Content Creator with their followers.

DeFi Powered.

Not only do we integrate various DeFi features such as lending but we also enable direct trustable pool raises & other tidbits that complement DeFi.

High Security.

Powerful data encryption, privacy, and blockchain based data accuracy.

ML and AI.

Machine Learning and AI algorithms provide insights into investor’s interests, market trends, crowd sentiment and segmented statistics on all relevant metrics, with the end result of creating our own prediction mechanisms that will be free to use for all Coreto users.


Competition amongst traders and analysts is constantly at high levels. Coreto will provide the right incentives to stimulate and encourage quality content creation, offering the opportunity to challenge another peer to a 1 on 1 competitive confrontation.

Learn from the Best

Start your journey with ease

Find the right people to start following and learn their strategies.

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Share the risk and reward

Browse through their predictions and support their ideas

  • Support an opinion by pledging your COR Tokens
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Pledge or Challenge

For any analysis, you can choose to Pledge COR or to Challenge it with other values

  • Choose a side and join the challenge, taking a share of the entire pool if you choose right.
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Choose a pair

Choose a trading pair to create your opinion.


Make an analysis

Endorse a particular project or execute a price movement analysis and prediction, adding COR tokens to the particular Staking of Opinion Pool.


Build your reputation

Increase your reputation amongst the Coreto community, through the quality of your content.

Total Supply

  • Team Locked Tokens 50,000,000 COR
  • Uniswap Locked Liquidity 10,000,000 COR
  • Coreto Treasury 103,562,185 COR
  • Future Development 50,000,000 COR
  • Currently Locked in Staking 54,062,383 COR

Circulation Supply

194,649,787.67 COR

Current total supply

462,3 MIL

Active Staking Pools

  • Stellar Supporter - 4/26/2021 6,213,569 COR
  • Stellar Supporter II - 5/26/2021 1,571,846 COR
  • Space Traveler - 8/23/2021 30,917,808 COR
  • Galactic Mastermind - 10/27/2021 15,359,159 COR

Currently locked in staking

54,062,383.71 COR

Current total supply

462,3 MIL
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