Short: Trust

What does Coreto have to offer?

On Coreto, the most valuable asset a user can have is TRUST. Trust amongst the Coreto community is achieved through the quality of the created content, votes from members and the positive interactions of a Content Creator with their followers. By locking our COR tokens in Coreto's smart contracts, you can increase your overall weight in our Trust meter but in the end, the community and your results will have the final say in your ranking.

You can buy your place on the stage, but you have to perform in order to keep it.
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Stacking of Opinion Pool (SOOP)

Whenever a content creator endorses a particular project or executes a price movement analysis and prediction, they will be able to back their analysis and ROI predictions by adding their COR participation to the Stacking of Opinion Pool opened for that particular project.
  • Depending upon the accuracy of their price predictions, they will be then rewarded with COR tokens and the improvement of their Performance meter.
  • Their followers can also pledge to their SOOPs, sharing both the risks and rewards.
Andrei Balaianu
Head of Development

By using SOOPs, Coreto will be the first and only platform to provide all the features described below.


Build trust

Give Content Creators a tool through which they can demonstrate to their existing and future followers that they are professionals and stand by their decisions and evaluations.


Ensure quality

Ensure only quality content creators that are bold enough to “put their money where their mouth is”.


Use gamification

Use gamification as a mean to increase Trust and Performance indicators for content creators.


Track record

Use the blockchain features of transparency and decentralization to establish a tracked record of each content creator’s performance;


Take a look into our platforms features.

DeFi powered.

Not only do we integrate various DeFi features such as lending but we also enable direct trustable pool raises & other tidbits that complement DeFi.

High security.

Powerful data encryption, privacy, and blockchain based data accuracy.

ML and AI.

Machine Learning and AI algorithms provide insights into investor’s interests, market trends, crowd sentiment and segmented statistics on all relevant metrics, with the end result of creating our own prediction bot that will be free to use for all Coreto users.


Competition amongst traders and analysts is constantly at high levels. Coreto will provide the right incentives to stimulate and encourage quality content creation, offering the opportunity to challenge another peer to a 1 on 1 competitive “confrontation”.

Direct access to experts.

As quality content creators emerge and prove their knowledge, you will be able to auction for 1 on 1 consultations with those you are following and appreciate their work.


Anyone can post rumours about the blockchain industry. But only the ones who get it right and are backed by other members will become fact, and the creator will be rewarded for their findings.


No more shooting in the dark

Take advantage of all the content and resources found on Coreto and improve your skills in identifying the right trades, blockchain startups investments (ICOs, IEOs, STOs), influencers, traders or even mentors. Learn from others. Earn with their help. Repeat the process.

Tech enthusiast

If you are a crypto enthusiast searching for new quality individuals to follow, but also want to know what their past performance is, Coreto is just the place for you.

Vlad Faraon
Project teams

If you are a blockchain project team looking for advisors, on Coreto you will find objective opinions from other teams who are working directly with those particular advisors.

Content Creator

The perfect place for blockchain content creators (traders, ICO/STO reviewers, influencers, etc.), looking for a way to address their audience in the most effective and productive way.