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20 Oct, 2020

by Vlad Faraon

Coreto (COR) Staking Guide

Dear Coreto Community,

In preparation for the opening of our Staking Reward Program today, we offer this guide to help you through the staking process.

07 Oct, 2020

by Vlad Faraon

Announcing the Staking APRs for Coreto’s token holders

We are excited to share with you the details about the recently announced staking program and how it differs from the current staking initiatives.

11 Jul, 2019

by Iustina Faraon

Why We Will Not Pay for Reviews

Why We Will Not Pay for Reviews in the blockchain space.

10 May, 2019

by Sodiq Ajala

How to Leverage Blockchain Technology for your Business Growth

What do you do when your business fails to bring in the returns you envisaged...

01 Apr, 2019

by Iustina Faraon

An entrepreneur’s experience with the blockchain technology

In 2017, Vlad and I wanted to learn more about the blockchain technology. We...